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Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

The SOLAS Senior Leadership Team includes:

Debra Burden
  • Position: CEO.
  • Objective: To work collaboratively with the Board of Directors and to represent SOLAS as a leading mental health and wellbeing specialist service provider.
Fiona McGill
  • Position: General Manager Corporate Services.
  • Objective: To manage the commercial operations of the organisation and work collaboratively with the executive management team.
Suzy Berry
  • Position: General Manager of NDIS & Market Development
  • Objective: To work in consultation with the executive management team to identify and develop opportunities under the NDIS.
Natalie Gross
  • Position: Chief Financial Officer.
  • Objective: To manage all aspects of the accounting and financial administration of the organisation and to assist the General Manager Corporate Services in the day to day financial and system administration of the organisation.
Michelle Dyck
  • Position: Manager Service Delivery.
  • Objective: To lead the service delivery team to deliver quality mental health supports.
Jane Bragg
  • Position: Finance Manager. 
  • Objective: To provide financial management and reporting services for the Chief Financial Officer and the leadership team.
Pauline Dawson
  • Position: Human Resource Manager.
  • Objective: To provide human resource management and reporting services for the organisation.

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